Meet Ali

Ali is the founder of 'Heal-Yourself-Happy.  Having been on her own journey of healing and personal growth to create her own happy and 'balanced' life on purpose, she is now committed to helping others do the same.

Hi, I am Ali, the Founder of Heal Yourself Happy.

I am the Founder of Heal Yourself Happy. I coach people who want more out of life – more happiness, more health… more time, more love, more freedom, more peace, more abundance, more wealth, more growth, more purpose…just more of anything – whether they have it or they don’t… and they want some or want more.

I work with highly purposeful people who have been through a life trauma or facing challenging times that have left them reeling and feeling emotions they haven't felt before - vulnerable, powerless, lost. I help them find their self -esteem, their confidence, motivation and drive, ultimately empower them to find their way out of a crisis to a life that is far more enriched, balanced and happier than it ever was.  My clients call me the 'fixer of hearts'. For anyone who has suffered loss, whether that be from loss of a loved one, going through grief, loss of a job or career, loss of a partner, marriage, friend ship… any of the above and the subsequent loss of identity, self esteem….

I also work with people who are ‘ok’ but aren’t ok with being ok; they do not want a mediocre life. I guide them on how they can become more than ok in all areas of their life, so they feel more motivated, more fulfilled and so much more ALIVE!

Using my signature 7 step framework – The Heal Yourself Happy Method, I help people navigate people through their journey of self-discovery to determine their own personalised prescription for healing and creating sustainable health and happiness – the ultimate success in life!

I believe we have one life, one body and one chance to life fully. I believe it is our birth right to be happy, to feel joy and to experience love. I believe we all deserve to thrive in life and live out our own definition of success.  I believe that we are all unique and owe it to ourselves to architect our own lives, rather than living one out of obligation or conditioning.

However, I also know that ‘life’ can throw the unexpected and the upsetting at us, getting in the way of our goals, crushing our happiness or blocking us from success, leaving us feeling aimless, desperate and lonely.  Our behaviours change in one or more of the following ways:

  • We engage in self sabotaging behaviours and destructive patterns
  • We disengage from things that once made them happy
  • We find ourselves lost in thought and worrys, ending up feeling paralysed and not able to make decisions
  • We look outside of ourselves for quick fixes, feel good moments that are short lived

Perhaps you can relate?

In many cases, people look for a magic pill to help get through it, get over it or avoid it altogether in order to just survive and carry on. But I believe the only magic pill that creates sustainable change, healing or growth is the magic we find within ourselves.

I believe YOU are in control of YOUR life and your destiny.  I also believe you can overcome and have anything you desire, if you want to badly enough. I believe this because this is my story.

I lost my career to the juggle of motherhood, progression and burnout. I lost my identity, no longer knew my purpose or role in life. I lost my Mum twice, once to Alzheimer’s and then very suddenly to pneumonia. Just as I was rebuilding my foundations, my confidence and self-belief, I lost it all again.

I lost my identity as a wife and the life as I knew it as my marriage broke down. I lost my friends and support network.  I lost respect from others and for myself.

I lost my self-esteem, my self-worth, trust in myself and in others. I felt unlovable and a complete failure in life. I lost my health and my mind to clinical depression, to PTSD, insomnia and eating disorders.

I refused drugs offered that would numb me not only from my pain but also from life and instead looked to coaches, therapists and alternative and holistic therapists who could teach me how to heal and the techniques to rebuild myself and my life again.  I now love my life, my family, my work, my friends, my home and it is a life full of joy and abundance.

I believe you can heal yourself, you can have more and you can build a life based on the foundations of happiness and health and create the life you dream of having, creating a ripple effect of positivity, success and joy that starts with you and which transcends generations. 

It all starts with YOU. It all starts with making a decision to take that first step.

My signature 7 step framework works because it takes an holistic approach that is sustainable as it is based on YOU as an individual and because you are never alone;  always with me as your guide and companion on your journey of self-discovery and as part of a community within my group coaching programmes.  This framework will empower you to make the transition from darkness into light, from feeling lost and helpless to having clarity and the tools to reach your destination.

  • Happy Belly: Dispel any diet myths and determine your own personalised nutritional diet to make you feel at your best physically and mentally.
  • Happy Body: Understand your body and what it needs to stay feeling strong and healthy.
  • Happy Sleep: It’s time to make a date with your bed and remind yourself of the importance of rest and recovery and how these are vital for vitality!
  • Happy Mind: Learnt to live a stress-free and calm existence by becoming the master of your mind, rather than allowing your mind controlling you.
  • Happy Soul: Feel connected with your purpose, your values and appreciate how your energy helps shape your reality.
  • Happy Connections: Nurture the relationships that matter, disconnect with those that don’t and learn how to make friends again in the real world.
  • Happy Life: Bring it all together and determine your own personalised prescription for living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.


Get Started for FREE! 

You can begin your journey right now by joining my 7 day Heal Yourself Happy Challenge. Just drop me an email [email protected] and your journey of self discovery will begin!



15 years of coaching and mentoring in industry and consulting. 

Qualifi Level 4 in Coaching

Certified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Diploma in Meditation Tuition by Complimentary Medical Association

Diploma in Mindfulness

Certification in Scientific Weightloss in progress


My clients range from 14 year old girls to CEO’s of business, high flying lawyers to entrepreneurs, University Students and women running their households.

I have loved presenting to audiences large and small, including Away Days at Marks & Spencer’s, Sweaty Betty lunchtime talks, Facebook UK and the UK Health Coaching Association.


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